Intuition, underlying math and much more…

Written by Chandan Durgia and Prasun Biswas

Source: Unsplash from Devin Avery

Truth be told, with the increasing democratization of the AI/ML world, a lot of novice/experienced people in the industry have jumped the gun and lack some nuances of the underlying mathematics.

It is very much understandable as well. AI/ML world could be overwhelming for anyone because of multiple reasons:

a. One has to learn an ever-growing coding language(Python/R), tons of statistical techniques and finally understand the domain as well.

b. The pace at which the AI/ML techniques are growing is incredible. …


Explainable AI is not a theory anymore!!

Written by Chandan Durgia and Prasun Biswas

If one ranks economic theories by the variety of applications, “Game Theory” surely would be in the top one percentile. Like others, Game theory has evolved in its interpretation and applications. Starting with a basic postulate of “how agents would choose between different options considering the competitor’s view” to the Nobel prize-winning ones like “Nash equilibrium” (John Nash — 1994) and “Stable allocations and practice of market design” (Shapley and Alvim Roth — 2012).

From areas like politics, gaming, marketing, philosophy etc. game theory has been instrumental in defining how people make better…

A few years ago, out of a mere coincidence, we were asked to lead a conference with a set of lawyers on how machine learning will change the world for the better. Particularly, how it would significantly enhance their work profile. We remember portraying some unrealistic picture on how the models would be able to read and learn the details of laws/bills/amendments and will almost provide a ready answer to a complex problem. In our naivety, we braggingly spoke about how concepts like n-grams, bag of words, tokenization etc. …

Getting your prototype UI ready for your ML project - the final stone in the foundation

Written by Chandan Durgia and Prasun Biswas

Photo by Sohan Yarlagadda on Unsplash
Photo by Sohan Yarlagadda on Unsplash
Photo by Sohan Yarlagadda on Unsplash

Excerpt from a data scientist dairy:

“Found an amazing problem to solve, sweat out to find relevant data, burnt midnight oil cleaning/massaging it, created a great model with stupendous accuracy, showcased it to the stakeholders and they didn’t like it :(.

This had to be my day. What did I miss, why was I not able to express my idea? What was missing? Maybe a good UI (User Interface) would have done the trick.”

At some point in the professional career, everyone faces a situation wherein just because one doesn’t have good UI development capabilities, he/she is not able to…

30th May 2020, in a historic event, SpaceX, an Elon Musk company, sent 2 NASA astronauts to ISS. For many, this was not just a news, it was an ecstatic moment. There are innumerable number of Elon Musk’s admirers around the world. He is certainly one of the smartest on Earth (and probably soon to be on Earth and Mars).

Of the many theories on how Elon Musk thinks about concepts/workings, one of the most famous is the “First Principles Thinking”.

To simplify, “First Principles Thinking” is about breaking down concepts to the most fundamental, the very basic, elements and…

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